You may need a garage door spring repair in Green Cove Springs, St. Augustine & Jacksonville, FL

Often times it may be a broken spring. We service Duval, Clay, Putnam, Nassau, and St. Johns Counties. If the springs that balance your door break, the opener usually won't open the door and it will be heavy and dangerous to move manually. In many cases we can respond same or next day if your door will not open.

Instead of trying to troubleshoot the problem, save yourself the headache and get help from a professional ASAP. You'll be impressed by how quickly we can complete your garage door spring repair in Green Cove Springs, St. Augustine & Jacksonville, FL.

Why should you call in a professional for garage door repairs?

Does this describe your scenario?

What's wrong?!?! Garage door only goes up a few inches when you try to open it with your remote or wall button. You try again. Same result! You pull the red release cord attached to the opener arm and if the door is still a few inches off the ground it's either hard to pull or it does release and the door slams shut! When you release the opener and try to lift the door manually. Forget about it! Way too heavy! Very likely a broken spring. Most doors have torsion springs coiled around a pipe mounted above the door. Often two mounted back to back. A broken spring will have a one and a 1 and 1/2" to 2" gap between the coiled wire.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most common repairs we deal with every day. It can also create dangerous scenarios when a homeowner is faced with the problem of a vehicle trapped in their garage. Finding a way to open the door can be difficult and precarious if the door comes free and slams down without the spring to counter balance the dead weight. Affordable Garage Door Services of v service trucks have the tools, the expertise and the replacement springs to deal with the problem. We do our best to respond to these calls asap, often same or next day depending on the situation. We can also offer high cycle springs, one that have longer life span for home owners that use their garage doors as their primary entry point.